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Sun-bleached sands, jade waters and palm trees burnished gold by the tropical palettes of eternal sunshine make the Zanzibari coastline a Paradise regained. And as is fitting for an archipelago nourished and founded by its splendid maritime isolation, so the fruits of the Indian Ocean continue to bewitch and nourish today's maritime adventurers.

The coast of Zenj can accommodate every taste. The sun worshipper will bask in at least 7 hours of tropical sun almost everyday, the water baby will luxuriate in water that averages 7° (80 F), the beachcomber will lose himself in the tiny maelstroms of teeming tidal pools, as the shade lover lies back to enjoy the breeze and stunning vistas.

South of Zanzibar town, one can find the Fuji and Chuini beaches, which both offer a variety of water sports.

In the north one can find the Mangapwani beach, the northern tip of Unguja has Nungwi beach, where one can swim in the coral lagoons. On the north east coast of Unguja lie the Matemwe, Uroa, Kiwenga and Mapenzi Beaches, which all boast of large expanses of sand.

For those who are interested in a bit of fishing the beaches to be found on the southeastern coast Pingwe, Bwejuu and Jambiani offer fishing and water sports.

Zanzibar's natural abundance sustains a biodiversity worthy of any East African destination, with Marine parks, National Parks, Forest Reserves and pioneering Community Conservation projects for the protection of its rich natural resources.

Endangered species such as Ader's Duiker, the Pemba Flying Fox and the captivating Zanzibar Red Colobus exist only on the Zanzibar archipelago, endemics in an extraordinary habitat.

Grass-roots community conservation groups in Zanzibar, powerful trustees of this biological heritage, profit from traditional cottage industries and revenue-sharing projects.

Water sports
Marine Adventures in Temperat waters
World-class PAD! diving amongst the fish-fertile reef, historic. shipwrecks and abundant lagoons that bejewel the islands might also reveal dolphin, turtle and seasonal pods of whale as they follow the monsoon currents. Windsurfing, kayaking and snorkelling sites abound. Fishing enthusiasts can follow in Hemingway's wake in state of-the-art, "tag and release" big game fishing, using international standard equipment to land prize billfish and tuna, while the fisherman who craves the exotic might try his luck with the locals in a ngalawa, a traditional outrigger. Dhows or Jahazis, traditional lateen sailing craft, glide seamlessly powered by the dependable monsoon. Go for a saiL.. where the land ends, Zanzibar continues, the influence and allure stretching out towards the distant lands from where it was borne.

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