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Evening Guide Walk

1 Hour
This guided tour begins by taking a leisure walk through the narrow streets of the Stone Town (old part of Zanzibar Town) where most of the houses date back to more than one hundred and fifty years. You will have a chance to see a lot of exotic small bazaar, design of Zanzibar doors and doorsteps, leisure centres and evening life. You will then walk to Forodhani garden to see open spiced food sellers (kebab barbeque) and House of Wonders and Palace Museum by night.

City Tour
Half Day
This introductory guided tour of Zanzibar, provides living evidence of a rich cultural heritage, where Arab, Indian, Persian and European influences blended with local African tradition. Historic buildings with elaborately carved wooden doors, shaded by balconies, loggias and verandas line the narrow winding streets. The tour include a visit to a Town Market, Slave Market, National Museum of Zanzibar, High Court Building, Slave Chambers, Old German Consulate, Africa House (former English Club), Tip-Tip House, Kelele Square, Old British Consulate, Orphanage Home, Old Fort, Forodhani Gardens, House of Wonders, Sultan Palace (now a Museum), Custom House, Old Dispensary, Old Harbour, etc.

Spice Tour
Half Day
This guided tour offers a look at small farms in the rural area that grow cloves, vanilla, nutmeg, cardamom and other spices, medicinal and ornamental plants, and tropical fruits. This tour provide a rare experience to prove why Zanzibar is referred to as the “Spice Island”. It also include a visit to the Persian Baths build in 1850 by Seyyid Said bin Sultan (first Sultan of Zanzibar) for his wife Princes Shehrzard (grand-daughter of Fateh Ali Shah of Persia).

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