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Half Day
Located south of the island, the Jozani Forest remains a marvel of nature with its mythical Zanzibar leopard , medicinal plants and beautiful landscapes . It is so true that a study is being conducted currently to classify this area as World Heritage by the second World Heritage Site Zanzibar. Bay Jozani – Chkwa is particularly remarkable biodiversity it supports. The forest is home to many endemic species such as the red colobus monkey of Zanzibar (also called red colobus ) .

A park ranger will guide you along a path lined with eucalyptus and mahogany where he presents the medicinal properties of various plants. It informs you about the fauna of the site and tells you what mammals, birds and reptiles are housed in the various habitats of the tropical rainforest.
You certainly come across groups of red colobus Zanzibar projecting from branch to branch in search of food. These monkeys are habituated to human presence and they can be approached to take pictures when they eat , play and jump from the treetops.

The walk leads you to mangrove above the marshes, where , depending on the depth , you can see tropical fish sailing between mangrove roots and scuttling crabs on the mud . Mangroves play an important role in preserving the environment and also as a resource for the villagers and community life. Your care will deliver a lot of information on species inhabiting wetlands and how they are used.
• Shoes and comfortable closed walking or hiking shoes
• To maintain their health, thank you not to feed or touch the monkeys.





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