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Half Day
Changuu Island is steeped in history . It belonged to a Sultan who was there transit slaves awaiting assignment are cloistered and disobedient . Then , the island found his name Prison Island Prison where it was built in order to make the isolation of the main island Zanzibaris convicted. Finally, this institution has never been used and our days on the island hosts the ruins of the prison, a hotel and a sanctuary of giant Aldabra tortoises.

Prison Island is a 20 minute boat ride from Stone Town. It has beautiful and spectacular coral reefs are an invitation to diving and snorkeling . Giant turtles crawl between the trees, with patience and wisdom that you learn over time. From the Comoros Islands and the Seychelles , some of these turtles are older than 100 years. As majestic as robust , we saw turtles take children for a walk.
If you attack, you can discover one of the hiking trails, dive into the crystal clear waters in search of colorful tropical fish swimming among the reefs or enjoy the sun on the beach with white powder . The waterfront is dotted with thatched huts available for rent if you want to enjoy the atmosphere at night.

The Prison Island excursion ideally complements a city tour conducted in the morning. After a good morning walk through the busy streets of Zanzibar , you can use this output in a soft and relaxing island.


















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