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Mount on board our ships typical, relax and let you drive on the ocean toward a beautiful sunset at the end of the evening. For this cruise, the boats leave Stone Town in the late afternoon and intersect along the coast in nit the water clear and turquoise.
The noise, the bustle, the bustle of Stone Town descend gently as you move away from the city and soon they are no more than a memory. The musicians take the relay and play and sing the amours lost while the master of hotel serves sofas and fills your glass with a choice of selected beers, wines and soft drinks. Any invites you to install in the cushions and you leave envouter firewall the perfume of Africa while admiring the beauty of the decor.

TO edge of your dhow, we entrust your comfort to a guide who accompanies you during your cruise and you this Stone Town view of the sea. Do not hesitate to ask him all the questions that you ask about Zanzibar.
The turquoise of the sea contrasts with the clear skies. Slowly, the sun has set, changed the nuances of the sky by mixing the roses and the blues with gold accents. In the distance, the lights of Stone Town are beginning to flicker while the wind is blowing gently toward the shore. It is time to go home.

To return to Stone Town in the evening in the vicinity of the Hotel Serena, this is the relaxation and the fullness insured after a few hours of sailing around the beautiful island of Unguja.
• Towel and shoes water resistant.



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